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In January 1992 the two parishes of St Helen's and St Nicolas' were joined in a Team Ministry. The resulting Parish of Abingdon included the four churches in Abingdon - St Helen's, St Nicolas', St Michael's and Christchurch .

In August 2013 the Parish of Abingdon was split to form two Parishes – The Parish of Abingdon on Thames, comprising St Helen’s, St Michael’s and St Nicolas’ and The Parish of North Abingdon comprising Christchurch and Christchurch on Long Furlong.

The three Churches in Abingdon-on-Thames work together under a Team Rector, based at St Helen’s, but each have their own Church Wardens and Church Councils. At present, St Nicolas' and St Michael's share a Team Vicar.

Church in Abingdon

The Church in Abingdon

In the second half of the 20th century, St Nicolas was at the forefront of the movement towards ecumenism in Abingdon, which eventually blossomed into the present Church in Abingdon, which brings together most Christian churches and denominations in the town. Christians of all denominations unite to work together whenever common action is possible, and to share in and be enriched by each other's traditions of prayer and worship.

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